We have added support for Canadian weather alerts, batch current weather retrievals via the Current Weather API, as well as Japanese language translation.

Canadian Weather Alerts

API users may now retrieve weather alerts from Environment Canada for all Canadian locations via the Severe Weather Alerts API.

Include an Alert in Every Current Weather API Request

API users may now retrieve both a minutely forecast, as well as severe weather alerts with every Current Weather API request. To do so simply include the following parameter:

&include=minutely,alerts for including both 60 minute forecast, and alerts responses. or
&include=alerts for including just an alerts response.

The response will appear in the following JSON fields respectively: minutely: [...]
alerts: [...]

Japanese Translations

Weather conditions can now be localized to Japanese with the &lang=ja parameter in all API's that include a "weather" response field.


We hope that you find these API updates useful in your business, and personal applications. Please contact support@weatherbit.io for any questions or feedback. We would love to hear any feedback you have, or any improvements you have to suggest!


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