We have been hard at work to bring our users new features. We are excited to announce new API endpoints, and new data-sets coming soon to the Weatherbit API.

Coming Soon - Early 2020:

  • The 30 year Climate Normals (1981-2010) API. This API will provide hourly/daily/monthly climatologies for 7 major meteorological fields: Temperature, Dew point, Humidity, Wind speed, Wind direction, Precipitation, and Snowfall. It will provide climate normals at a spatial resolution of 9km to 22km for any point in the world.

Coming Soon - Late 2020:

  • 9 km ERA-5 historical re-analysis data available via the historical weather API.
  • Integration of the AROME 2.5 km, and Finnish 2.5 km HARMONIE models into the hourly forecast API. These additional models will greatly enhance short-term regional forecasts in, and around the EU.
  • Expanded Ag-Weather datasets.

Be sure to stay tuned for these new features, and other updates! Sign up for free today to try out our API.

Thank you,

The Weatherbit API Team

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