Hi. My customer has a 'Startup' subscription for an app that I maintain that pulls weather data at 12:05 am every morning. We had an issue last Thursday (April 4) where the app could not get to the api. I am wondering when the api is generally taken down for maintenance or what is it most likely to be unavailable. We can adjust the run time of our app accordingly.

Thank you!

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John says:
April, Monday, 2019 at 8:42PM

Hello Sara!

Per our internal monitoring - there has been no downtime recorded during this period. It is possible that during high volume periods, some requests may fail. Please note that the minimum availability is only 95% under the "Starter" plan, and as such - this plan is not intended for critical business use cases.

I would recommend:
(1) Retrying a request if it fails.
(2) Verifying that requests made are valid, and the application is functioning correctly.
(3) Considering upgrading the account to a plan with higher availability (if necessary).

Feel free to reach out to us at support@weatherbit.io with any followup questions.

John at Weatherbit

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