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My teams are working on frequentation forecasting problems, and we saw great uses for weather data, especially apparent temperature combining indexes of humidity, temperature and windspeed and seems to model a "feeling temprature". Unfortunately, this data isn't available in history and checking forecast data for some outputs gave us exactly the same values for classic and felled.

Can you share how you get/compute apparent temperature ? We would like to have consistent values between historical and forecast.

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John says:
March, Wednesday, 2019 at 4:18PM

Hello Chris,

At certain ambient temperatures (~10 celcius - ~26 celcius) apparent temperature, and temperature will be the same as there is no tangible heat index, or wind chill effect.

The formula for apparent temperature is fairly complex. You should be able to read more about it here: Apparent Temperature Calculation.

Note: We will be adding apparent temperature to the historical dataset(s) in the coming weeks.

John at Weatherbit

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