I'm getting some strange values, especially if I compare it to other site. Wind Speed: 2.68 kmh NNE, while the others say Wind S 26 kmh. Is there a way I can compare my values on Weatherbit.io or is it possible that they are just really out?

Is there a moon riseset option?

The times for Current option looks a bit off...It's currently 22:43. I get 'datetime': u'2018-02-16:20 and 'ob_time': u'2018-02-16 20:15'.

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John says:
February, Friday, 2018 at 9:25PM

(1) The API delivers wind speed in m/s (mph for imperial), not kph.
(2) Wind speed tends to be highly variable. Our API returns data reported by the nearest station. You can use the station ID returned to compare with 3rd party sources if necessary.
(2) We currently do not provide moon rise/set data.
(3) All times are returned in UTC/GMT, you can convert the times with the timezone field returned by the API.

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