Hello all at Weatherbit.io! Sorry if this question is trivial, but i was unable to find an answer on your site : what are the licenses of the data you provide? In you T&C you say CC:BY-SA for free accounts, but you give no detail for other accounts... Beyond the license, is there some limitations (i.e. resale, etc.) or obligations?

Thanks in advance for your help. Pierre

PS : the links in T&C are in a white font (on white background), it's hard to read ;)

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John says:
June, Friday, 2017 at 8:33PM

Hello Pierre! Thanks for reaching out!

All accounts are required to abide by this CC:BY-SA license. Advanced/Enterprise customers may waive the requirements of this license on request. There are no other limitations, aside from this. We have clarified the Terms & Conditions to reflect this.

Thanks for letting us know about the style issue as well!

  • Colin
Pierre Lannoy says:
June, Tuesday, 2017 at 7:49AM

Hello !

Thank you so much for your answer - and the more readable links ;) If I want to summarize: I can do whatever I want with data - including reselling it - if it remains CC:BY-SA licensed... You made my day. Thanks.


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