Few Question related to API.

  1. Under High Volume Plans what is data update time-interval delay for current weather data and 48 Hour Forecast?
  2. For South Asia Region does the same update interval delay applies for above two datasets?
  3. What is the granularity of your services for South Asia Region?
  4. Does your service support only specific cities within South Asia Region or your service support arbitrary latlong in South Asia Region with same accuracy?
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John says:
March, Friday, 2018 at 3:03AM

Hello Sam,

Great questions!

(1) Our API serves data as fast as it is fed into our system, and current weather requests return the closest, and most recent observation. The update delay refers to the amount of time a request is cached, and then returned from cache. For example, if the data delay is 30 mins, after the first request, every subsequent request returned will be from the cache until 30 minutes has passed. On the forecasts, the 48 hour forecast API currently updates 4 times per day.

(2) The cache delay (update delay) applies to all current weather requests. The speed of the weather data updates depends on the reporting frequency of the stations reporting. This can range from 10 mins to 30 minutes.

(3) We serve both hourly, and daily historical data for every region. There are currently ~39,000 reporting weather stations within our database. For forecast data, the forecast returned comes directly from the models that back our API. The horizontal spatial resolution in this region is approximately 13km, as it is covered by the ECMWF, and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Forecast_System models.

(4) No. For historical data or current weather conditions, our API serves data from the closest reporting stations. You may query for current conditions, historical weather, or weather forecasts with either a lat/lon, city name, city identifier, station identifier (ICAO, or GSOD ID), or postal code + country.

Please refer to our API Documentation for more information.

Feel free to reach out with any additional questions.
- John at Weatherbit

Sam Was says:
March, Sunday, 2018 at 7:40PM

Hi John,

Thanks for clarifications and appreciate the same.

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