Since a few days sometimes the error : _ssl.c:761: The handshake operation timed out pops up in our logs. What does it mean? can we do something about it?

Thanks in advance

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John says:
March, Wednesday, 2018 at 9:57PM

We do not have record of these requests failing on our end. A few questions:

(1) Are these errors occurring randomly? Or around particular times?

(2) Are you using any client library to call our API? If so, you may need to set the network timeout to a longer time period.

Something to keep in mind: The low volume tier plans, and the "Basic" high volume plan are on a less redundant architecture. Under periods of high loads, http requests may take a bit longer to complete (see network timeout suggestion in #2). As a general practice, we recommend re-trying requests that fail.

Riknick says:
March, Thursday, 2018 at 7:25AM

Hi, Thank you for your prompt reply 1 These errors occur randomly 2 I've set the network timout to a longer time period and build a retry mechanism. It runs stable now.

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