I'm looking at the 5day/3hourly forecast values. The units (per the documentation page) are:

temp: Temperature (default Celcius) pres: Pressure (mb) slp: Sea level pressure (mb) dewpt: Dew point (default Celcius)

I take that to mean that although the default units are SI, in some cases this may not be true. Is there a way to change this i.e. set units to be always metric or imperial?

How are the pres and slp fields different? The geographical coordinates that I have are within 5m of the desired location. Does the site automatically adjust for site elevation such that slp is mean sea level pressure and pres is the barometric pressure for teh given site elevation?

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John says:
January, Tuesday, 2018 at 11:42PM

Default units are metric. You can change the units via the "units" parameter. For example: units=S for scientific (Kelvin, m/s, m).

Yes, the API adjusts for elevation of the location using the 30M NASA SRTM (DEM) for elevation.

pres = Pressure of the location in millibars
slp = Sea level adjusted pressure of location in millibars

Thanks for using our API - John

Gautam says:
January, Wednesday, 2018 at 4:11PM

Thanks for the quick response! Wher can I get more info on the "units" parameter - couldn't find that in the documentation.

John says:
January, Friday, 2018 at 2:57PM

No problem!

All parameter descriptions are listed in the API documentation(s). An example can be found in the current weather documentation (top section). See: https://www.weatherbit.io/api/weather-current

  • John at Weatherbit

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