Hello Team,

I gone through your forecast API plans and each of them having 16 days forecast API from current date. I would like to know does that limit extendable like for 30 days or 45 days or more ?

Is there any plans available for which i can user to get forecast information for 30 or 45 days or more?

As well as one more query, is there any facility that i pass start and end date for forecast API and it returns forecast data for that date range ?

Please clear my doubt and suggest what can be best option for me as above mentioned queries are my requirements.

Thanks & regards, Shanky

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John says:
February, Saturday, 2018 at 1:04AM

We do not forecast out beyond 16 days from the current date. You can control the returned number of forecast days via the days query parameter. See: https://www.weatherbit.io/api/weather-forecast-16-day

John at Weatherbit

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