I would like to know when data becomes available as "history"

For example for a given latlon, can I request hourly data for the past 4 hours? I assume hourly data supplies averages of temp, humidity, wind speed etc.


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John says:
August, Tuesday, 2018 at 4:21PM

Hello Roger!

Data becomes "history" as observations come in.

You can request for this data via the hourly historical weather API.

Example (4 hours):

Keep in mind that the start/end dates, and dates provided in the response are in UTC time.

Thanks for using our API,
John at Weatherbit

Roger says:
August, Wednesday, 2018 at 1:46AM


We're currently using "current" data at the moment and our users are concerned that the data is coming from too far away from their lonlat to be useful or accurate enough. It would be good to know where these 40,000 stations are located.

How often do you get data from the 120,000 station that you're using for history? Are there some that only provide data daily, or all provide data hourly, or


John says:
August, Friday, 2018 at 4:38AM

(1) Every API request returns data from the nearest source station(s), as well as the source station ID's used. (station field in the current weather API, sources field in the historical data API's).

(2) You can find a list of every station, geolocation, and reporting frequency on our API metadata page.

(3) ~40,000 stations report hourly, or subhourly. While ~120,000 stations report at least once per day.

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The Weatherbit API Team

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