Dear Weatherbit Team, I'm posting here because for nearly 1 week that i haven't received your reply. I wrote several emails.

I need some further information - For every plan you got, we need more details: +Wave direction period height +Significant wave height +Swell direction period height +Ocean current direction Ocean current speed. Can you provide them and what is the extra cost? - Do we need to sign a contract or you just deduct our account? - It would be great if you can show us how the weather data layer will be shown or look like on device's screen. My company's app is running on Google map background. - Finally, I would like to get direct contact for later discussion. If you can nominate someone, then I need a specific phone numberemail add.

Many thanks.

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John says:
July, Tuesday, 2018 at 3:56PM

Hello Hana Nguyen,

We have responded to your questions via email.

John from Weatherbit

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