We've recently started using weatherbit and noticed that there are some discrepancies between the images displayed for few clouds/scattered clouds/broken clouds at day/night. The daytime icons are extremely ragged and blobby and do not appear as clear and refined as the night time ones.

Additionally, the night icon for 'clear sky' is larger than the other icons and black, which none of the other icons are.

Is there a plan to update these four icons to bring them inline with the graphic quality and colours of the other icons?

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John says:
November, Sunday, 2018 at 9:23PM

Hello Angela,

Thanks for reaching out!

The timing of your question is great! Our team actually just rolled out an update to our current icon set.

Please check our updated icons. You may also download the set of icon images on our downloads page.

Thanks for using our API,
John at Weatherbit

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