Hello! I found that an API documentation actually lacks of a full example any of API calls (how a full URL looks for etc. showing forecast weather for London). Even if I see the query part of URL, how the "first" part should look? Thanks!

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john says:
March, Sunday, 2017 at 7:52PM

The city search API functionality can be found here: https://www.weatherbit.io/api#!/3Hourly/get_forecast_3hourly_geosearch.

The exact call you would need to make to get the 5 day forecast for London would be: http://api.weatherbit.io/v1.0/forecast/3hourly/geosearch?city=London&country=GB&key=<YOUR_API_KEY> .

You can also call http://api.weatherbit.io/v1.0/forecast/3hourly/city?city_id=2643743&key=<YOUR_API_KEY> for a less ambiguous response.

-- Thanks for the question! I'm sorry the documentation was a bit unclear on where to get started. We have updated the documentation as a result!

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