I've been pulling weather data using following API, 1. Historical Weather API daily and 2. Historical Weather API hourly In both of them, "snow" metrics is present but always returns "null" values. In Historical Weather API daily, there is even "snow_depth" metrics but it also doesn't return anything. Its value is always null. I've checked for obvious places where there was definitely snow-fall but these metrics were still null. Why have a metric and never return anything? Is there something that I'm missing?

Please advice!

Regards, Niraj

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John says:
June, Tuesday, 2018 at 2:07PM

Hello Niraj,

If a field is null, it means that there was no station within 25-50km that reported the field. This does happen more frequently with less commonly reported fields (snowfall, and snow depth). In these cases, we suggest using the precip or precip_gpm fields (precipitation = rainfall + melted snowfall).

Thanks for using our API, John at Weatherbit

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