Sorry if this has been asked before; I was not able to find it in an older post.

If I make an API call with the start_date=2018-12-09 and end_date=2018-12-10, the ts field will give me the UNIX timestamp equal to 2018-12-09 00:00:00 GMT regardless of the local timezone. Do these historical weather calls represent the period of midnight-to-midnight GMT, or midnight-to-midnight local time?

A second quick question to confirm what is written in the FAQ: Should I wait 30 days before pulling historical data in order to get the most accurate data?


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John says:
December, Tuesday, 2018 at 10:11PM

Hello Alex,

(1) Midnight to midnight local time.
(2) Different data sources come in with varying lag times. The most recent few days is based on station data only, while requests for data ~30 days in the past from the current date will source data from additional datasets as well as station data.

Thanks, John at Weatherbit

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