Hello Team,

I am going to use forecast weather API for my travel website. i wish to use your weather API to indicates my users that during this period of trip weather will be bad. According to your API, there are all type of icons available who indicates weather type but do weather API have any specific field which indicates that this weather code means warning about bad weather ?

for example , "Heavy rain, Heavy snow, Thunderstorm, etc " are consider as bad weather so it should consider as bad weather. so looking for any response data which indicates weather is bad or not.

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John says:
February, Thursday, 2018 at 1:30AM

Hello Sanket.

We do not currently provide any indicator of the severity of the weather as it is fairly subjective. We do however, provide a icons (weather.icon), and codes (weather.code) along with the weather description.

2XX = Stormy weather
3XX, 5XX = Rain
6XX = Snow
7XX = Mist, Fog, etc.
8XX = No precipitation - cloudy, clear skies, etc.

As there are only about 40-50 total codes, we would recommend creating your own mapping in your application.

Codes/Icons: https://www.weatherbit.io/api/codes API Documentation: https://www.weatherbit.io/api

Sanket says:
February, Thursday, 2018 at 5:05AM

Thanks John.

Thank you for quick reply. Maybe in future you may think over it as these days travel sites are very much in demand and if your API will provide such facility then it will be very helpful for travel websites.

Thank you very much Sanket

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