Hey there, 1) I make request for current conditions for city of Ulyanovsk (https://api.weatherbit.io/v2.0/current?key={key}&lang=en&city=ulyanovsk) I receive correct data from correct weather station UWLW. Next I look for ulyanovsk in your API Metadata (https://www.weatherbit.io/static/exports/cities_all.json.gz) and get city_id 479123 that is correct too. But when I make request for current conditions using city_id I receive wrong data for weather station UWKD (Kazan) that is located about 250km from Ulyanovsk. Could you please fix that?

2) Do you have a data in public access with correspondence between city_id and weather station? ( i.e. 479123 <=> UWLW)?

Thanks in advance and keep up good work!

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John says:
October, Monday, 2018 at 6:43PM

Hello Andrey,

Thanks for reaching out.

(1) A list like this does not exist, as current observations are selected based on a number of factors (including distance, recent observation, and performance).

(2) We will take a look into this - thanks for the report.

John from Weatherbit

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