About Weatherbit.io

Our mission at Weatherbit.io is pretty simple. It is to provide the highest quality weather forecasts, observations, and historical weather data possible.
Agile Principles
We constantly improve our platform every day. Our Weather API's grow with you. Have a feature request? Let us know directly!
Our commitment to data quality is unparalleled. Our forecast system uses global forecast models (GFS/ECMWF), in combination with local short range high resolution models such as the HRRR, the NAM, and the DWD ICON models to derive the most accurate forecast data possible.
Forecast Accuracy
We take pride in our forecast accuracy. Our forecasts include the world's premier weather data sources and packages them in a simple, and easy to use format. Additionally, when you request a weather forecast via our API, you will be served a hyperlocal 30 meter resolution forecast derived from the world's best high resolution forecast models, your location's elevation (SRTM), and many other sources including: rainfall radar, and supervised machine learning techniques.
Historical Weather
We provide both hourly, and daily historical weather data for locations worldwide from over 120,000 weather stations via an easy to use historical weather API. This API provides historical weather data for a variety of parameters from the NOAA Integrated Surface, MADIS, and GHCN datasets. In addition, we backfill, and source data from alternative datasets to enhance our historical datasets. These datasets include historical satellite, rainfall radar, and re-analyses projects to build the most complete historical weather data record possible.
Current Weather
We provide current weather observations for all locations world wide from more than +40,000 stations incorporating MADIS, METAR observations, Satellite for cloud cover, and Radar for rainfall/snowfall.
Service is not a second class citizen here. We provide multiple tiers of support. If you ever have questions/concerns you can contact us or Email us. We also provide more advanced SLA agreements to our Enterprise plan customers.