Historical Ag-Weather API

This API returns historical weather data specific to the Agriculture industry. With this API, you can retrieve soil temperature, soil moisture, evapotranspiration, and more!

NOTICE: Data is currently only available from Jan 1st, 2017.

This API is available to the following plans (See: pricing):

  • Advanced plan
  • Agweather API plan

All parameters should be supplied to the Weather API as query string parameters.

Base URL

HTTP: http://api.weatherbit.io/v2.0/history/agweather
HTTPS: https://api.weatherbit.io/v2.0/history/agweather
Supported Methods: GET

Request Parameters

key=[key] (REQUIRED)
  • key - Your API Key.
start_date=[YYYY-MM-DD] (REQUIRED)
end_date=[YYYY-MM-DD] (REQUIRED)
  • M - [DEFAULT] Metric (Celcius, m/s, mm)
  • S - Scientific (Kelvin, m/s, mm)
  • I - Fahrenheit (F, mph, in)
callback=[function] (optional: JSON-P callback)

API Endpoints

Description Required Parameters Example(s)
Get data by lat/lon lat, lon, start_date, end_date &lat=38.123&lon=-78.543&start_date=2019-02-15&end_date=2019-02-16

Example Request:


Example Response (JSON):

              } ... 


Field Decriptions:

  • lat: Latitude (Degrees).
  • lon: Longitude (Degrees).
  • data: [
    • valid_date: Date (YYYY-MM-DD).
    • bulk_soil_density: Bulk Soil Density (kg/m^3).
    • skin_temp_max: Max skin temperature (C).
    • skin_temp_avg: Average skin temperature (C).
    • skin_temp_min: Min skin temperature (C).
    • temp_2m_avg: 2 meter temperature (C).
    • precip: Accumulated [gauge based] precipitation (mm).
    • precip_gpm: Accumulated [satellite based] precipitation (mm).
    • specific_humidity: Average specific humidity (kg/kg).
    • evapotranspiration: Accumulated evapotranspiration (mm).
    • pres_avg: Surface pressure (mb).
    • wind_10m_spd_avg: 10 meter wind speed (m/s).
    • dlwrf_avg: Average downward long-wave solar radiation (W/m^2).
    • dlwrf_max: Maximum downward long-wave solar radiation (W/m^2).
    • dswrf_avg: Average downward short-wave solar radiation (W/m^2).
    • dswrf_max: Maximum downward short-wave solar radiation (W/m^2).
    • dlwrf_net: Net longwave solar radiation (W/m^2).
    • dswrf_net: Net shortwave solar radiation (W/m^2).
    • soilm_0_10cm: Soil moisture content 0 to 10 cm depth (mm).
    • soilm_10_40cm: Soil moisture content 10 to 40 cm depth (mm).
    • soilm_40_100cm: Soil moisture content 40 to 100 cm depth (mm).
    • soilm_100_200cm: Soil moisture content 100 to 200 cm depth (mm).
    • v_soilm_0_10cm: Volumetric soil moisture content 0 to 10 cm depth (fraction).
    • v_soilm_10_40cm: Volumetric soil moisture content 10 to 40 cm depth (fraction).
    • v_soilm_40_100cm: Volumetric soil moisture content 40 to 100 cm depth (fraction).
    • v_soilm_100_200cm: Volumetric soil moisture content 100 to 200 cm depth (fraction)
    • soilt_0_10cm: Soil temperature at 0 to 10 cm depth (C).
    • soilt_10_40cm: Soil temperature at 10 to 40 cm depth (C).
    • soilt_40_100cm: Soil temperature at 40 to 100 cm depth (C).
    • soilt_100_200cm: Soil temperature at 100 to 200 cm depth (C).
  • ... ]