Maps API

This API returns map tiles for a variety of weather fields. Supported fields are: current precipitation, temperature, and cloud cover. Maps are updated once every 15 minutes. This API in a BETA phase, and is not considered production ready. You may use the API in production, but its performance will not be guaranteed. Most currently available maps can be viewed on our maps page.

The following plans have access to this API: Plus, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Note: Map tile integrations can easily consume hundreds of requests per use. Please make sure you are in an appropriate API subscription to avoid rate limiting.

Base URL

Supported Methods: GET

Request Parameters

key=[key] (REQUIRED)
  • key - Your API Key.
{source} (REQUIRED)
  • singleband - [DEFAULT]
{field} (REQUIRED)
  • temp2m - 2 Meter Air Temperature
  • catprecipdbz - Categorical Precipitation (Precip, Freezing rain/Sleet, Snow)
  • fullsat - Satellite (Infrared)
{time} (REQUIRED)
  • latest - [DEFAULT - most recent, and up to date map]
{z},{x},{y} (REQUIRED)

Example Requests: