Subscription Limits API

This API will return the current Weather API usage summary for your API key subscription. See Pricing for plan limits, and details.

Additionally the same information can be found in the following HTTP Response Headers returned with every weather data request:

  • X-RateLimit-Limit
  • X-RateLimit-Remaining
  • X-RateLimit-Reset

All parameters should be supplied to the Weather API as query string parameters.

Base URL

Supported Methods: GET

Request Parameters

key=[key] (REQUIRED - Your Weatherbit API Key)

Example Request:

Example Response (JSON):


Field Decriptions:

  • calls_count: Number of API calls made in the current rate period.
  • calls_remaining: Number of API calls remaining in the current rate period.
  • calls_reset_ts: (Unix timestamp) API rate period reset time.
  • historical_calls: Number of historical data calls made in the current rate period.
  • historical_calls_remaining: Number of remaining historical data calls in the current rate period.
  • historical_calls_reset_ts: (Unix timestamp) Historical API(s) rate period reset time.