Above is a comparison of our API's maximum, and minimum temperature forecasts for the last 30 days against 6 other competitors including the NOAA National Weather Service (NOAA NWS). Forecasts are out 5 days into the future with "Forecast Day 1" being the next day's forecast. A couple of things to note for this comparison:
  • Error values are in degrees Fahrenheit, and lower values indicate greater forecast accuracy.
  • Max/Min temperatures (calculated from midnight to midnight local time) are used instead of High/Low as most competitors do not report High/Low temperatures.
  • Values are the mean absolute error for both maximum, and minimum temperatures combined.
  • Forecasts are validated against 500 randomly selected global ASOS, and METAR stations with excellent data quality as well as a minimum of 20 years of record.
  • End of local day forecasts are taken once per day per location, and the forecast times vary based on location timezone - 00:00 UTC for the Americas, 18:00 UTC for EU & Africa, and 12:00 UTC for others.
Mean error for both Max/Min temperature (degrees F) from our API for forecast days 1-5, broken down by region. Our closest competitor is included for comparison.
Mean High/Low temperature forecast errors (degrees F) for the past 30 days from our API going out to 5 days into the future.